GSA Schedule No. GS-27F-0034R

Continental Flooring Company offers Armstrong’s VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile), BioBased Tile®, sheet vinyl, linoleum, stair treads and cove base.

Materials only or complete flooring installation services are available on contract.

Natural Creations with Diamond 10 Technology ® Flooring

Armstrong Flooring’s Diamond 10 Technology® provides the ultimate test in durability with a cultured diamond top coating. The brilliant properties of diamonds bring the highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance in the industry. Diamond 10 Technology® is proven to keep your floors looking new longer – keeping them beautiful for years to come! Available in ArborArt®, Mystix®, and EarthCuts®.

Learn more about Diamond 10 Technology® here. Below are examples of scratch resistance from comparable products. *Each product was scratched using an abrasive pad under a 12.5 lb load for 20 passes.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

With durable and long lasting performance, Armstrong’s LVT is the perfect choice when choosing a floor for an area with heavy foot and rolling load traffic. LVT has modular flexibility and large format shapes and sizes. Not to mention it is easy to maintain and east to install! Select Natural Creations EarthCuts®,  Natural Creations ArborArt®, American Personalities® and Natural Creations Mystix® for commercial applications. Luxe Plank and Parallels offer residential and light commercial options.

Loose-Lay Flooring
For quick renovations, you’ll love the convenience of Armstrong’s StrataMax and FlexStep sheet vinyl products which can be installed without traditional full-spread adhesives.

BioBased Tile™
Armstrong’s BioBased Migrations Tile is made from rapidly renewable ingredients and 10% pre-consumer recycled content. Available in colors matching Standard Excelon® Imperial® Texture.


Sheet Vinyl
Select from homogeneous, heterogeneous or in-laid depending on application. Available styles include Medintone™, Medintech®, ColorArt® and DecorArt®.

Vinyl Composition Tile
VCT is an industry standard and available with traffic-hiding visuals, through-color chips, and non-directional patterns. Stonetex tile is offered in the larger size of 18”x18”. Styles include Standard Excelon® Imperial® Texture, Standard Excelon® MultiColor™, Excelon® Feature Tile & Strips, Excelon® Companion Square®, Excelon® and Stonetex®.

Cove Base, Stair Treads & More
Accessories include weld rods, color-integrated vinyl and rubber wall base, stair treads, risers, and rubber landing tiles. A complete offering of adhesives and floor cleaners and polishes are available.

Many Armstrong products offered with low VOC emissions, third-party FloorScore™ certification and LEED® eligibility.  •  800-825-1221