Carpet is a versatile flooring solution that has near universal use. When it comes to learning about carpet, carpet tile and broadloom stand out as the two most popular options. Knowing the difference and benefits of these types of carpet can save you money and provide the best solution to your needs.

Carpet Tile – Easy Installation and Heavy Usage

If your space has a high volume of people walking through every day, carpet tile a more reliable option. Carpet tile is known for being quick and easy to install, as individual pieces are simply layed down and adhered to the floor. By being installed piece by piece, this also means individual carpet tiles can be replaced should they have any damage or stains. Carpet tiles also have a great amount of design flexibility with manufacturers usually offering dozens of patterns and colors for you to choose from.

Carpet tile is often found in: offices, lobbies, hallways, and lecture halls.

Broadloom Carpet – Durability and Comfort

Broadloom carpet can offer more comfort and durability for users because of its longer, thicker fibers. Instead of coming in individual pieces, broadloom carpet comes in rolls and is installed corner to corner in a room. Installation may be lengthier, but this gives broadloom carpet a truly unique, uniform appearance in a room. Broadloom carpet is available in a variety of fibers and colors for you to choose from. Cleaning broadloom carpet does require more time and attention, but the comfort and durability are well worth it.

Broadloom Carpet can be used for: Individual school classrooms, offices, libraries,

What Carpet Should I choose?

Carpet Tile: Great for high volumes of traffic, dozens of patterns and colors, easy to install and maintain, and easily replaceable

Broadloom Carpet: More levels of comfort and durability, longer to install, uniform look, thick fibers, more maintenance

Choosing either carpet floor coverings can also provide sound absorption, trap bacteria, and hold up well over time.