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Now more than ever, government buyers are looking for eco-friendly products for their procurements and renovations. From luxury vinyl tile to rubber flooring, there are plenty of ways to purchase sustainable products on GSA Contract or open market pricing. Buyers can expect top quality products with green features such up recyclability, LEED Credits, low carbon emissions, and minimal waste.

Flooring Sustainability – Recyclability and Reusability

Our GSA manufacturers have numerous flooring types and products that meet sustainability requirements. Virtually any facility can use eco-friendly floor coverings while still providing the same application and functionality you can expect from our top name manufacturers.

Recycled Rubber Flooring – Fitness Rooms, Healthcare and Beyond

Rubber floor coverings are one of the most sustainable products available on GSA for their reusability and upcycling capabilities. Our rubber flooring manufacturers that utilize recycled rubber materials include RC Musson, Dinoflex, Roppe, Flexco, and Ecore.

Flexco Tuflex Force Rubber flooring
Flexco Tuflex Force Rubber flooring

Eco-friendly Luxury Vinyl

There are multiple ways to use Luxury Vinyl for sustainability purposes. Manufacturers such as Flexco and Roppe source raw materials for their LVT to lessen environmental impact from production.

Flexco and Roppe offer luxury vinyl tile and plank that is 100% recyclable.

As a part of our private label collection, Shaw Contract LVT offers additional transparency labels for customers such as Declare Labels, Environment Product Declarations, and Health Product Declaration Labels. 

Shaw LVT

Pay It Forward – Recycling Carpet Made Easy

Make the most of your floors by recycling your carpet through dedicated recycling programs provided by Mannington Commercial and Shaw Contract. Mannington Commercial can even recycle carpets made by other manufacturers for your convenience!

Learn more about recycling through Shaw Contract

Recycle with Mannington Commercial – find a reclaim facility near you

Sustainable Ceilings on GSA through Armstrong

Go above sustainable floors with Armstrong Ceiling’s SUSTAIN Portfolio, a full catalog of ceiling products dedicated to increasing ingredient transparency, recycling materials, and low carbon emissions. The SUSTAIN Portfolio features a wide range of ceiling types, from wood to metal.

Learn more about Armstrong Ceilings commitment to Sustainability here.

LEED Credits – Earning Your LEED Certification

Purchasing sustainable products that are LEED Certified can net your facility LEED Credits, a way of calculating how your buildings save energy and reduce excess waste. Manufacturers on contract can provide LEED certified products that can include a variety of categories for environmental protection.

Through buying LEED products, facilities can earn 1 of 4 LEED certifications from certified (40 – 49 points) to Platinum (80 – 110 points). Not all facilities have to follow the same rating system, as the type and size of the facility is heavily factored into its sustainability.

Since flooring is an important part of any building, using products that are LEED Certified is a great way to net credits for your renovations.

Continental Flooring has been servicing government agencies for over 40 years and continues to provide flooring and ceiling products for renovations worldwide. Our team will work with your budget to find the best products for you on our GSA Contract (#GS-03F-001BA). Contact us today for a free quote!

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